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Anthropologie Dupe: How To Create $950 Wall Art Paintings For $65!

Ever since my family and I moved into our house a year and a half ago, I’ve found a passion in home decor. I was really into the boho, neutral decor that has been trending for the last few years. But lately, I have been leaning towards more of pops of color around the house. My inspiration for my decor lately has been Anthropologie. I love their style and the way they can mix match patterns, add color to spice up simplicity and just have fun but chic items to spruce up a place.

Now as much as I would LOVE to have everything from Anthropologie inside my home, I can’t afford it. If you’ve ever been to Anthropologie, it is definitely a “treat yourself” store. In other words, you’re going to splurge on most things. And in my case, “most things” are items that I fallen deeply in love with. So prepare yourself if you ever go in there!

Now my task for my house that I wanted to tackle next was my gallery wall. I have a big wall in my living room that I wanted to do framed art work, prints and whatever else that has a fun characteristic or color. Naturally I found myself scrolling on Anthropologies website and of course I fell in love with some of their prints. While their prints are super cute, their prices were not. So I picked a few prints that I knew would be good in my living room and tried to dupe them.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not the best DIYer. I really wish I was but I lack the tools to accomplish a lot of DIY projects and a large amount of patience. So with these prints I knew that I can get the tools I needed easily and it can be fun making these Anthropologie dupes.

The first print that I wanted to dupe was something that caught my eye right away. I knew I wanted something pink to bring in the pop of color my living room needed. I loved the different shades of pinks and the little bit of ochre in it since another print I have is an ochre shade.

This Anthropologie dupe is originally $248. I know that I can’t afford that casually. I wish I could! But I can’t, so I was really banking on this to work.

The materials that I needed for this Anthropologie dupe are:

*Colors are not exactly the same in the pictures as they are in person. I did this painting at night so the lighting wasn’t perfect throughout the process! Just something to keep in mind!*

So with this type of pattern, I practiced on another piece of paper to make sure I got the correct size brush and to see how to do the brush strokes correctly. Another reason why I practiced a few times was to see how the colors actually looked painted on. I bought a lot of pinks and a few reds. I mix matched colors to get the shades that I wanted. I tried to duplicate the magenta color but I just couldn’t get the shade. So I free styled on a few colors which I liked even more since it’s not exactly the same as the original.

Once I was confident in my practice drawings, I got my straight edge and created an outside border with a pencil to make sure that my painting will be in the center of the paper.

Let’s start painting! Since I had my pattern of colors already planned out, it was pretty simple doing the actual painting part. Practice makes perfect! I let the painting dry for a couple of minutes and then I went over the colors again for a second coat. When I was done, my Anthropologie dupe came out a little too neat for my liking. So I grabbed a smaller tipped brush and created my own imperfections here and there on the painting to give it a more distressed look. I think it looks way better with a little distressing so don’t be afraid to make a mistake here and there on it, it’ll look like you meant to do it ;).

Overall I’m so happy with how this Anthropologie dupe turned out! It looks perfect in the frame I bought for it. I would say that it did take me around an hour to complete just cause I practiced so much before hand. This print was the one I really wanted so I wanted to make sure this Anthropologie dupe came out perfect for my liking. The more I look at it, the more I actually love it!

For my next Anthropologie dupe, I’m trying to recreate the Pointillism Wall Art. Now this wall art goes for $698. Crazy I know. I’m no artist but I know that I could create something similar to this print that would go perfect for a little space of wall I have next to my window in my living room.

For this Anthropologie dupe the materials I need are:

Just like my last Anthropologie dupe, I practiced on a separate piece of paper to get my brush strokes down to the way that I liked them. I used a smaller tip brush from the variety pack that I bought for this size of strokes. The best part about this painting is that the strokes does not need to be perfect. So don’t stress about making sure they all look alike. For my liking, I did a certain size as a “model” and then did different strokes either the same size or a little smaller to create a dimension within the painting.

Once I was done practicing I grabbed my straight edge and created a border around the paper. What’s different about this border from the last painting is that you’re going to actually paint the border black. I measured a half inch in from the edge of the paper to create a border. After I penciled my border in, I started the painting. I grabbed my paint brush and just started to dab the paint on. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly the same so don’t stress about it. Go with what you like.

Once I was done with my little paint strokes, I painted the border black. I waited an hour or so for the painting to dry and then I put in my gold frame.

I know it’s not EXACTLY like the one from Anthropologie but I think it’s pretty close to it and for $670 cheaper than the original, I’ll take it! It goes with the vibe of my house and it fills the spot that was empty perfectly.

The whole point of doing these Anthropologie dupes is because they’re budget friendly. I got my acrylic paints at Hobby Lobby for $1.39 each. The paper that I used for both paintings was $5.99. I bought a variety pack of paint brushes for $7.99. The frames were the most expensive part of the Anthropologie dupes. The black frame that I used for my first dupe was from Target for $16.99. The gold frame for my second dupe was $18 from Hobby Lobby and that’s because of their 40% off coupon that I used. Altogether I spent $65 (not including tax) to create both of these prints!

You could totally do these Anthropologie dupes for a cheaper price if you could find frames cheaper than I did or better yet if you have frames already! It was a really fun experiment for me to try this out especially since I’m not a DIY person like I stated earlier. This was somewhat of an introduction test for me and I can’t wait to make some more!

Let me know if you try these Anthropologie dupes on your own or if you created your own DIY project similar to these! I would love some more inspiration.

-Xo, Jelly




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    They look amazing I love them.